And So It Begins…


Micheljannelo: The Creation of the President. ”So Putin created Trump in His own image, in the image of Putin he created him.”

Extreme Planet Makeover”, the biggest reality show ever launched today!

This time reality television is what it seems. No script, no limits, just pure chaos!

  • Watch 7 billion participants misportrayed, humiliated and exploited.
  • Carefully designed scenarios to encourage conflicts – terrorism, trade wars and climate change guaranteed.
  • Includes fakery, narcissism, immaturity and celebration of vulgarity.
  • Basic human decency treated as something to be overcome.
  • Making celebrities out of untalented people who don’t deserve fame.

Available 24/7 on local news channels around the world.

Starring: President Donald Trump
Created by: President Vladimir Putin
Supporting actors: Leaders of European populist movements

”After the Extreme Planet Makeover, you will never bother to watch another weight loss or job search show. With more than 7 billion participants, this is the ultimate social experiment and world’s biggest survivor contest in one powerful package!”

– Breibart News Network



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